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Pack Wheel Backcountry Hikers
Backcountry packing trip with Pack Wheels. (Blog entry about this backcountry Pack Wheel trip.)
Lady hiking with a Pack Wheel
Here's a medium handle length Pack Wheel with 20" wheel loaded up with camping gear out on the trail. (view more hiking photos)
Carrying a Browning Powerhouse Ground Blind with a Pack Wheel

The Pack Wheel can be used to carry Ground Blinds and other various gear needed for your outdoor activities. (view more hunting photos)

Pack Wheel carrying a hunting treestand

Using a Pack Wheel makes hauling a tree stand, groundblind or other gear a breeze. (view more hunting photos)

Check out the new Pull Yoke in action on a Backcountry Pack Wheel trip.

Pack Wheel Pull Yoke. New For 2016.


The Pack Wheel Pull Yoke allows for a second person to pull the Pack Wheel from the front. You can climb steep canyons faster with the Pull Yoke and your buddy's help. Available on the Purchase page.

Looking for an easier way to carry the weight when backpacking or hunting? The Pack Wheel® is your ticket to getting out on the trail without the back breaking pain of carrying the weight on your back. With a disc brake and a sound, strong, ergonomic design the Pack Wheel is amazingly easy to maneuver along even the narrowest of trails or go completely all-terrain while carrying all the weight of your gear.

In 2008 we made our first prototype Pack Wheel. After four years of testing this and other prototypes we launched selling Pack Wheel carts in 2012. Over the years we have logged many hundreds of hours using the Pack Wheel on hunting trips and camping adventures. From our real experiences we have learned how to improve the design and have made those improvements all along the way.

Our family takes Pack Wheels into some pretty neat places. For years we have rigorously tested and improved the strength and design of the frame. Every Pack Wheel is hand crafted and built with extra strong custom built wheels in Morgan, Utah. We build Pack Wheels with some of the highest quality bike components available. Nobody wants their outdoor gear to fail on them in the backcountry. We rely on Pack Wheels to safely take our family on our adventures and so can you. We go the extra mile to make sure all our customers can rely on their Pack Wheel to have the best experience they can on their own adventures.

Throughout the website we offer real experience and advise on how the Pack Wheel can help you on your adventures. No exaggerated marketing claims, no stock photography, just real experience.

The Pack Wheel makes it amazingly easy to carry your camping gear. It completely changes how easy and pain free it is to haul a bunch of camping gear in areas that would have required back and knee breaking backpacks. Youth and smaller framed adults can also carry their own share of camping equipment thanks to the Pack Wheel. You can also extend the range you hike by carrying greater amounts of water and food with ease.

Gear can be carried on the Pack Wheel in many various ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Bicycle panniers on the side of the cart other gear bungee chorded to the top
  • Backpack, treestand, ground blind or other gear on top of the cart
  • Pack Wheel Panniers on the side, gear strapped on top
  • Game bags in Pack Wheel Panniers on the sides and game bags on top
  • Combination of panniers on the sides and a backpack on top
  • Bug Out bags

Inspired by Do-It-Yourself hunting adventures, the Pack Wheel is a lightweight collapsible cart, small and light enough, that you can carry it on your backpack while you are hunting or backpacking. If you shoot a deer or elk just bone out the meat and use the cart to haul it off the mountain. No extra trips or help required!

At less than half the weight of the closest game cart on the market the Pack Wheel adds great flexibility to how you can use it in your own adventures. 

At 8 3/4 pounds (20" wheel, medium handle)  the Pack Wheel is the lightest game cart or backpacking style cart on the market, period.  

The Pack Wheel operates much like a wheelbarrow with the exception that all the weight is balanced over the wheel so that the wheel carries all the weight and not your arms. If using panniers the weight is also lower than a wheelbarrow creating a low center of gravity and in simple terms just makes balancing the Pack Wheel a breeze. Another difference from a wheelbarrow is a brake — not just any brake, but a disc brake system affording the ability to control the cart on the steepest of slopes and snowy or muddy conditions. You'll find that the brake comes in real handy when you are taking a load down a steep trail.

With the weight balanced over the wheel and having a disc brake it is very easy to navigate your way along a trail with a heavy load. If you do encounter an obstacle you just turn the Pack Wheel around pull it up and over, turn around and you are back on your way.

Below are some videos showing the Pack Wheel at work on hunting trips easily carrying elk and mule deer off the mountain.

You can learn more about experiences and development of the Pack Wheel on The DIY hunting blog.

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