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• Pack Wheel Features & Benefits

Pack Wheel® carts are made in the USA using some of the highest quality components available on the market. Countless hours have been spent testing and researching bicycle components and materials needed to build the ultimate, no compromise, ultra-light hunting or hiking cart system.

  • Custom built strong, lightweight, disc brake wheels are made from Sun Ringle rims, Sun Ringle hub with quick release axle, Wheelsmith spokes, lightweight BMX racing tires and Hayes disc brake systems, all very high-quality components offering excellent strength with minimal weight.
  • All the welding is top notch. We hired the best TIG aluminum welder in the area. His welding is not only strong and precise but also just an absolute work of art.
  • No tools are required to assemble or collapse the Pack Wheel. A quick release axle also requires no tools to remove the wheel.
  • All Pack Wheels come with a tire liner installed between the tire and the tube to help prevent punctures in the tube.
  • An emergency kit comes with every Pack Wheel cart (except the BYOW model). This kit has everything you need to patch a hole in the tire, a spare handle locking bolt and 5mm allen wrench to adjust the brakes. This kit's total carry weight is seven ounces.

When Ordering

  • Every Pack Wheel is individually handmade and assembled on an order by order basis. Some options require a little more time for handling.
  • U.S. and Canada Orders Only. Please note that shipping to Canada is expensive. We have been informed that provincial taxes to pick up the package from our customers in Canada has been around $100.

Order Lead Time as of Apr. 14, 2018:

  • Standard - Motorized DIY Hunter Signature Series 27.5+: eight - ten weeks
  • Standard - DIY Hunter Signature Series 26/27.5+/29: eight - ten weeks
  • Standard - Performance Series 26/29: eight - ten weeks
  • Standard - BYOW 26/29: eight - ten weeks
  • Compact - Signature Series 20/24: eight - ten weeks
  • Rogue™ 36 - three - four weeks
Pack Wheel Emergency Kit

FREE with Purchase!

Pack Wheel Emergency Kit.
Every Signature and Performance Series Pack Wheel comes with a lightweight aluminum tire pump, patch kit, tire lever, hex wrench, and a spare bolt with a wing nut. (7 oz. carry weight)

The DIY Hunter Electric Signature Series

Electric Pack Wheel

Electric Signature Series Standard Frame Options:

Rogue Frame

Signature Series Rogue Frame Options:
See user height sizing and Pack Wheel weight chart


See frame sizing options

Standard Frame

Performance Standard Frame Options:
BYOW Standard Frame Options:
Signature Series Standard Frame Options:

Signature vs Performance & BYOW Series

See user height sizing and Pack Wheel weight chart


See frame sizing options

The DIY Hunter Signature Series 29er Pack Wheel Hiking and Game Cart

Shown: The DIY Hunter Signature Series 29er Pack Wheel

Compact Frame

Signature Series Compact Frame Options:

See user height sizing and Pack Wheel weight chart

See frame sizing options

Pack Wheel Hiking Cart
  24" Wheel:      Small | Medium | Large
  20" Wheel:      Small | Medium | Large

Optional Accessories:

Ritchey Bar Ends on Pack Wheel Handle

NEW for 2018: Ritchey Comp Bar Ends add extra comfort and ease when climbing. Bar Ends come standard on the Electric Pack Wheel and available as an added option on all other models.

Optional Accessories:

Pack Wheel Meat Hauling Panniers (2 panniers) - $79.95

Pack Wheel panniers Set of Pack Wheel Panniers on the Pack Wheel. Medium 20
A set of duck canvas Pack Wheel Panniers. (30 oz. carry weight) Pack Wheel Panniers on the Pack Wheel. A set of the meat hauling panniers weigh just two pounds and fit in the palm of your hand. These panniers are part of an integrated system with the Pack Wheel and can carry a whole boned out elk. They are a must have if you plan on hauling boned out game meat with your Pack Wheel. Available for purchase below.

These panniers are designed to take full advantage of the Pack Wheel when hauling boned out meat and quarters. Each pannier can hold 100 lbs of meat and hold it securely to the Pack Wheel frame. These panniers are made from heavy duty duck canvas that is lightweight and breathable to help keep meat cool.

Learn more about the Pack Wheel Panniers.

Pack Wheel Heavy Duty, Water Resistant, Gear Panniers (2 panniers) - $95.95

Pack Wheel gear panniers
Pack Wheel Gear Panniers. (2 lbs. 9 oz. carry weight - Color of material may vary from photo shown.)

Integrated design with the frame of the Pack Wheel. These panniers will hold over 140 liters of gear. They are made with heavy duty waterproof Cordura. (Color of material may vary from photo shown.)

Learn more about the Pack Wheel Panniers.

Pack Wheel Pull Yoke - $79.95

Pack Wheel Pull Yoke Pack Wheel Pull Yoke.

The Pack Wheel Pull Yoke allows for a second person to pull the Pack Wheel from the front. You can now climb steep canyons faster with the yoke and your buddy's help.

Pack Wheel Pull Yoke attached to a 29er Pack Wheel. The Pull Yoke is compatible with all models of Pack Wheels. The Pack Wheel Pull Yoke comes with everything shown here — 6061 aluminum yoke, hitch pins, carabiner and tow strap with foam handle. (13 oz. total carry weight)



Bicycle Panniers

All rear rack bicycle panniers we have tried will work with the Pack Wheel. Some attach easier than others but all we have ever seen have worked well. Check out the Panniers Page to get a better idea on panniers for the Pack Wheel.

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U.S. and Canada Orders Only. Weights listed are approximate. Variations in the metal, components and amount/size of welds can cause variations to the weight.

As improvements are made products currently being sold may be slightly different than those pictured on the website. Photos shown may not reflect the product in its entirety. Photos shown are for example only.

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