Pack Wheel — Questions, Answers and Best Practices

• What is the history of the Pack Wheel®?

• The DIY Hunter Signature Series vs Performance Series

• Why not have an adjustable handle length instead of fixed handle sizes?

• What is the best wheel for hiking in snow?

• What is the weakest area on the Pack Wheel?

• What is the carry weight of the Pack Wheel?

• Can the Pack Wheel be used to transport children?

• Why only one wheel, wouldn't two wheels be better?

• I just assembled my Pack Wheel and the handles appear to be too long. Do I need a shorter handle?

• Can I pull the Pack Wheel?

• Where is the Pack Wheel made?

• Does it get tiring or annoying holding onto the handles on long treks?

• What game bags do you recommend for use with the Pack Wheel?

• Will bicycle panniers work on the Pack Wheel?

• Will the Pack Wheel carry a backpack?

• What's does Tubeless Ready tire mean?

• What is the best way to cross obstacles with the Pack Wheel?

• What is the heaviest load the Pack Wheel can carry?

• What percent of the weight are your arms carrying when using the Pack Wheel?

• What's the story behind the Pack Wheel and who came up with the idea?

• Where can I use the Pack Wheel?

• What wheel sizes do you offer and what is the difference?

• Will the Pack Wheel carry deer, antelope, elk or moose quarters?

• How do you prevent flats?

• Why is the Pack Wheel frame not colored?

• Can an electric motor be used to power the Pack Wheel?

• If using the Pack Wheel is as easy as you say it is, why have we not seen a cart designed like this sooner?

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