Panniers for Pack Wheel Hiking Carts.

Here's some information on the various panniers that we have tested with the Pack Wheel. All rear rack bicycle panniers that we have ever seen will work on the Pack Wheel. Some styles may require the use of a bungee cord or piece of parachute cord to help keep the panniers secured firmly to the Pack Wheel. The Pack Wheel Meat and Gear Panniers shown on this page are available on the purchase page. 

Pack Wheel Gear Hauling Panniers

While any bike pannier will attach to the Pack Wheel, bike panniers are often not cut out for overgrown trails and off trail use. These gear panniers are designed to hold very securely to the Pack Wheel and when attached properly they will not rub against the wheel even in the roughest of overgrown brush and terrain you take them through. Pack Wheel Gear Panniers mount securely to the frame and stay away from the wheel even in the roughest conditions.

Pack Wheel Gear Panniers can also be used together with Pack Wheel Meat Panniers by stacking the panniers on top of one another.

These panniers weigh 2 lbs. 9 oz. and are made from heavy-duty water-resistant Denier/Cordura fabric.

Pack Wheel gear panniers Pack Wheel Fat Tires

Pack Wheel Meat Hauling Panniers

Pack Wheel Panniers are designed to take full advantage of the Pack Wheel when hauling boned out meat and quarters. Each pannier will hold up to 100 lbs of meat (200 lbs per set) and hold it securely to the Pack Wheel frame. These panniers are lightweight and breathable to help keep meat cool. They work best if you place boned out meat directly into these panniers.

Pack Wheel Meat Panniers loaded with cow elk meat. Pack Wheel with Large Pack Wheel Panniers.
Meat panniers are designed to be strong, lightweight, breathable and carry a lot of meat. They are also specially designed to take advantage of the strength in the design of the Pack Wheel frame. The total carry weight of a set of these panniers (including straps) is 1 lb 14 oz. The Meat Panniers are made from duck canvas fabric. They are designed to be light, breathable and for carrying boned out meat or quarters of moose, elk or deer.
Threading webbing strap through hook for Pack Wheel Panniers atttachment. Pack Wheel Panniers top atttachment to frame of cart.
Threading web strapping for the Pack Wheel Panniers through the lower pannier attachment slot. Pack Wheel Meat Panniers have loops on the panniers to go over the frame hooks, this system distributes weight directly into the frame taking advantage of the strong triangular design.
Pack Wheel Panniers corner ties. Medium 20
When carrying quarters or less than full panniers the corners of the panniers may be loose and drag against the wheel. Make sure you secure the parachute cord from each corner diagonal across to the frame to prevent the panniers from rubbing the wheel.
A set of the meat hauling panniers weigh just under two pounds and fit in the palm of your hand. These panniers are part of an integrated system with the Pack Wheel and can carry a whole boned out elk. They are a must have if you plan on hauling boned out game meat with your Pack Wheel. 

Bicycle Panniers Work Well With the Pack Wheel.

Pack Wheel with Axiom Cartier DLX Panniers. Pack Wheel with Nashbar ATB Panniers.
Pack Wheel with Axiom Cartier DLX Panniers. These panniers have a volume of 33 liters. Axiom makes a large variety of panniers that will work well with the Pack Wheel. We like the quality, the price and especially the mounting system they offer. Pack Wheel with Nashbar ATB Pannier. For the price these panniers can't be beat. They aren't as nice as the Axiom panniers and do not hold the panniers as snug to the frame but they work just fine on the Pack Wheel.
Axiom Cartier DLX Panniers Bungee Chord Hook attachment on Pack Wheel. Axiom Cartier DLX Panniers Top Attachment to Pack Wheel.

Axiom panniers bungee chord hook attachment on the Pack Wheel.

Axiom panniers top attachment hooks on the Pack Wheel.

The wider these two hooks are apart the greater the amount of weight we recommend hauling in them. The Axiom panniers in this photo have hooks that are fairly close thus we only recommend carrying up to 40 pounds in them. With panniers like Ortlieb's the hooks are adjustable and can go wider thus allowing for greater weight to be hauled.

Axiom bicycle panniers are good for up to 40 lbs. per pannier (80 lbs. per set) on the Pack Wheel. 
This video shows the Pack Wheel on some single track hiking trails with some older Novara panniers that have a mounting system similar to the Axiom panniers.

Other styles of pannier mounting systems.

Novara Panniers attachment system that does not work well with the Pack Wheel. Novara panniers attachment system.

Novara panniers bottom attachment hook just slides behind the frame of the Pack Wheel This does not keep the panniers from sliding back and forth as well as the bungee chord and metal hook system that is found on the Axiom and Nashbar panniers.

This style still works good it just isn't our preference but will work if you chose to get this style.

Another view of the attachment system found on the Novara panniers that does not work as well as the bungee chord metal hook system.

One thing that we like about this system is the ability to adjust the width of the two hangers on the top.

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