Can the Pack Wheel be used to transport children?

We looked at this option many years ago. We have chosen not to pursue this option because of the high probability that a child could get seriously hurt should the operator trip and lose control of the Pack Wheel.

In all of the years, The DIY Hunter has taken the Pack Wheel into crazy areas he has only tripped once and had the Pack Wheel tip over off the trail as he was looking across a canyon while hiking along a narrow trail. However, it only could take one tip over to injure a child.

Having a child on top creates a very high center of gravity. A child on top of the Pack Wheel would be sitting over thirty inches above the ground with their head even higher creating a very high center of gravity. Not only would the weight be really high but a child could be shifting around throwing the Pack Wheel off balance.

The higher the center of gravity the more effort is required to keep the Pack Wheel upright. The lower the weight the easier it is to keep upright. Pack Wheels are designed to perform best with the bulk of the weight low and on the sides of the wheel.

Another area of concern is the possibility of a child's foot getting caught in the spokes of the wheel.

And think about how you would safely get them on and off by yourself in an all-terrain environment?

There is just too great of a probability of a child getting hurt. DO NOT CARRY CHILDREN ON TOP OF A PACK WHEEL.

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