Why is the Pack Wheel frame not colored?

After researching into powder coating, anodizing and painting we felt it best to keep the Pack Wheel the raw industrial bare aluminum finish. The aluminum will create it's own dull oxidized protective finish over time. Make sure you keep your Pack Wheel clean and store it in a clean, dry location to ensure the aluminum will not oxidize beyond this thin outer layer.

There are couple different reasons we chose not to color the frame. The biggest reason was the additional cost involved, a cost that would greatly increase the price of the Pack Wheel.  The components and materials used to produce the strong, yet lightweight system already cost a considerable amount, adding anodizing for instance would increase the price dramatically.

With the Pack Wheel being bare aluminum you may choose to paint the Pack Wheel frame whatever color you would like. If you do so, make sure you get the special aluminum primer or your paint will not adhere properly.

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