Solo Archery Elk Hunting on a Limited Entry Unit in Utah

Jaren Utah Bull ElkSep. 2015: Jaren a solo elk hunter sent us some photos of his really nice bull from his successful LE Utah elk hunt.


I wanted to send you these pics from my successful hunt.

I hunted hard.  I saw a few huge bulls and got close many times.  I was able to call this bull to 16 yards the second to last day.

I was 4 miles from my truck and the Pack Wheel saved me.  I was able to get everything (the boned-out meat, the head/rack, and my camp) out in two trips.

Worth every penny!  Thanks for a cool product.

Jaren S. - Utah

6 point bull elk on Pack Wheel single wheel game cart 6 point bull elk on Pack Wheel Single wheeled game cart rear view


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