The DIY Hunter Signature Series vs Performance Series


The DIY Hunter Signature Series Pack Wheels

I personally build every DIY Hunter Signature Series Pack Wheel with the highest quality biking components available. The extra strength of the Signature Series Pack Wheels provides an extra assurance so I never worry about where my adventures take me. You too can be just as confident in your adventures with a Signature Series Pack Wheel. If you need to save a few bucks you can't go wrong with the Performance Series. Performance Series models are also top notch and several ounces lighter to boot. 

If you would like a model built somewhere between a Signature and Performance Series drop me a text, phone call or email and we can work on getting you the perfect setup. For instance, you might want the best braking power with a 203mm rotor on the lightest possible Pack Wheel.

Good luck in all your outdoor adventures,
Brady Smith aka The DIY Hunter
The DIY Hunter
Cell: 385.244.7522

The DIY Hunter Signature Series line of Pack Wheels offer the very best in strength and durability of the components. Signature Series Pack Wheels provide an extra layer of durability and strength for those who want the very best there is to offer. If you prefer the absolute best in your equipment the Signature Series is for you.  

Performance Series are built with premium high-quality components just not the absolute highest in strength. They are built with high-quality components that you can depend on. And the big plus to the Performance Series is that they are ten ounces lighter than the comparable Signatures Series size, all backed by the same strength rating and lifetime frame warranty.

Bring Your Own Wheel (BYOW) models are for those who know their bike components. These frames come setup for a 160mm rotor with a 100mm QR front axle mountain bike wheel. 

The last thing we want is to have any of our customers have a component failure deep in the backcountry. You can confidently enjoy your backcountry adventures with both the Performance and Signature Series models. For those of you who know your mountain bike components and place a high-quality wheel on your BYOW model you too will have a great experience.

The Performance Series is only available in our most popular Standard sized frame with 26 or 29 inch wheels.

In the chart below you can see the differences between The DIY Hunter Signature Series 29er, a Performance Series 29er and a Bring Your Own Wheel model. 

If you have any questions about which series and wheel size is best for your adventures feel free to contact us.

Component Signature 29er Performance 29er Bring Your Own Wheel
Disc Rotor 203mm Hayes Lightweight Rotor - $50 MSRP  160mm Hayes Lightweight Rotor - $40 MSRP  Not Included
Rim Sun Ringle Heavy Duty MTX 33 Downhill Jumping Rim - $65 MSRP Sun Ringle Rhyolite Rim - $35 MSRP Not Included
Hub Shimano XT Hub Shimano Deore Hub Not Included
Spokes Wheelsmith Heavy Duty Downhill Spokes - 13/14 Ga (heavy duty 13 gauge in the J Bend of the spoke and 14 gauge throughout the rest of the spoke) - Extra Strong 36 Spoke Builds Wheelsmith Spokes - 14 Ga (straight 14 gauge spoke tip to tip) - Extra Strong 36 Spoke Builds Not Included
Tire Schwalbe Extra Tuff Tubeless Ready Folding Bead Tires, 2.35", $94 MSRP Schwalbe Performance Folding Bead Tires, 2.25", $46 MSRP Not Included
Wheel Custom Built Custom Built Frame is set up for a standard mountain bike 100mm QR front axle.
Brakes Hayes Brake Caliper

Hayes Brake Caliper

Hayes Brake Caliper
setup for use with a 160mm rotor
Handle Grips Ritchey WCS Truegrip Foam Grips - $17 MSRP Ritchey WCS Truegrip Foam Grips - $17 MSRP Ritchey WCS Truegrip Foam Grips - $17 MSRP
Tube/Tire Liner Schwalbe Tube/Mr Tuffy Tire Liner Schwalbe Tube/Mr Tuffy Tire Liner Not Included
Emergency Kit Lightweight Emergency Kit (pump, tire levers, patch kit, allen wrenches) Lightweight Emergency Kit (pump, tire levers, patch kit, allen wrenches) Not Included
Note: The examples shown above are specifically for our most popular 29er versions which are comparable to the 26" models as well. We reserve the right to use comparable quality components should what listed is unavailable at the time. All Pack Wheels are Signature Series models with the exceptions of the Bring Your Own Wheel and Performance Series. Components on all other Pack Wheels differ from those listed above. For instance, the tire on a Signature Series Rogue 36 is a $120 retail Vee Rubber tire and spokes are 14 gauge (this is pretty much the only tire and spokes available for this giant wheel). 20/24" compact frame models have Sun Ringle hubs, 14 gauge Wheelsmith spokes and performance tires. For details about a specific model's components please contact us.
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