2018 Holiday Savings Promotion

2018 Pack Wheel Holiday Savings

It’s been an exciting year for us as we have been greatly expanding our business. To help share in the excitement of the holidays and our expanding business we would like to offer you a deal on a Pack Wheel.

With every Performance and Signature Series STANDARD frame Pack Wheel ordered get your choice of a set of Meat Panniers (valued at $99.95) or Woodland Camo Gear Panniers (valued at $119.95) for FREE. With every e-Pack Wheel ordered get a set of Meat Panniers and Woodland Camo Gear Panniers for FREE.

Offer valid on orders received from December 3rd-31st, 2018. Many Standard frame Pack Wheels are in stock and ready to ship within five business days. When ordering make sure to contact us and let us know your choice of Meat or Gear panniers.

Get your FREE panniers by heading over to the Purchase Page to order your own Standard Frame Pack Wheel or e-Pack Wheel.

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